Thank you!

Many thanks for a successful conference!

Thanks to all participants for another successful and intellectually stimulating conference! Scholars from around the country and globe presented and commented on papers that used a rich variety of sources and explored a wide range of topics and time periods. Volunteers enabled the conference to proceed without a hitch while audiences members supplied panelists and commentators with thoughtful queries and feedback.

The Conference committee would also like to express our gratitude to Northeastern’s Graduate and Professional Students’ Association and the Office of the Provost for their financial support for the conference.

The conference title—Redefining World History—sums up what went on over the weekend: a redefinition of and reflection on the field of World History. The ten panels, film screening, keynote address by Dr. Peter Gran on The Rise of the Rich, and roundtable touched on many themes: the role of states and actors in formal and informal economies, the contested nature of culture and memory, migration and identity, the value of moving beyond nations as units of analysis, the importance of class to understanding global trends, and the production of knowledge in the past and within the discipline of history.

“Redefining World History” remains a work in progress. The conference committee and Northeastern graduate community look forward to continuing the conversations begun this weekend and seeing where participants go with the projects they so graciously shared! This year’s conference was our third annual graduate conference in world history. Each year has built on and off of the past, and we look forward to March of 2012. So stay tuned for future Calls for Papers!